Norse – The Divine Light of A New Sun

 Norse was easily the band that showed me how dynamic Australia’s metal scene was when I was still a budding metalhead a few years ago. Their last record of “Pest” left a good impression and many including myself have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up. This brand of black metal is the sort of thing that doesn’t stay down for long, and when it arises it brings with it a typhoon. And the storm has finally on the horizon!

Just looking at that enigmatic cover art, you can tell that Norse aren’t your typical black metal band. Their brand of chaos is a dissonant one that can as easily come in a catchy and intoxicating form as it can in a form that is no less than pure madness. And it all comes to a beautiful climax with Norse’s third full-length album of “The Divine Light of A New Sun” which gives us a total of nine astounding tracks to pick for our own special slice of darkness. This is easily the most heinous (in a good way) and a meaty slab of black metal that I have come across in quite a few months as Norse don’t let a single thing hold them back. “The Divine Light of A New Sun” has got loads of subtle hooks laid out amongst unbridled fury and backed by Norse’s past experience of ten whole years of being in existence, and it all comes together seamlessly with this opus that will surely stun even some of the most harden black metal fans. Norse took so many twists and turn by both getting under your skin within a few notes being strung and by getting you to headbang in literal moments to the tasty, tasty hooks. Nothing can be expected with “The Divine Light of A New Sun” as it is clearly ahead of its time even if its only by a few years, but that’s what makes both this record and Norse an act to be noted. Unpredictability. Some can do it, but few can do it as well as these Australians.

There will surely be loads of excellent pieces to yet again come out of Australia in these coming months before the end of the year, but I’ve confidence in saying that many will be hard pressed to even come close to what Norse has created here. “The Divine Light of A New Sun”, despite its name, is a brilliant slab cut right out of the darkest void that seeks your very soul, but it’s such a tantalizing offer that you cannot help but accept unconditionally.

“The Divine Light of A New Sun” releases on May 25th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track on Bandcamp here or below.

LIKE Norse on Facebook here.


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