Ecstatic Vision – Raw Rock Fury

 With every generation, there always seems to be a wave of nostalgia for everything from the cultures of decades past. The 70s was an absolute landmark decade for rock music like no other, and many bands today are still paying tribute to those years and performing their own takes on the various styles from the 70s in the own special ways. Ecstatic Vision is an easy name to think of when it comes to bands like that, and their upcoming album only further cements their status as one of the best modern heavy psych groups.

To call Ecstatic Vision a rock band is taking a few liberties as the whole of the band records rock music, yes, but there’s so much surrounding psychedelia that it drowns out what you and I would call music. But that’s what makes this band their upcoming piece of “Raw Rock Fury” stands out so much among the rest of the competition. These guys have taken the soundtrack of a drug-like induced euphoria, thrown it together with the 70s-esque style rock music, slapped it onto a disc, and called it a day, but Ecstatic Vision actually manages to have a quality sound that so many other groups out there tend to lack. “Raw Rock Fury”, albeit quite weird in a few terms, is a hell of an experience to say the least as Ecstatic Vision all but transcend the genre of rock itself with all eight tracks of this record. Want some groovy fuzz? This piece has got just that. Crave some psychedelic sound waves that permeate your entire being from brain to soul? “Raw Rock Fury” is just the album you’ve been looking for. Simply put, Ecstatic Vision truly thought outside of the metaphysical box with this album, and it pays off superbly well in every single second we hear from this sophomore effort.

The city of Philadelphia has always managed to bust out acts of music of all kinds that never ceases to amaze and stun. Apart from the doom metal act of Crypt Sermon, Ecstatic Vision is without a doubt the most intriguing band to come from the city of brotherly love. “Raw Rock Fury” could easily be the piece that Ecstatic Vision needed to show that they aren’t fucking around and that they make some of the highest quality of nostalgia induced rock around.

“Raw Rock Fury” releases on April 7th via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “Raw Rock Fury” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to three advanced tracks on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ecstatic Vision on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Ecstatic Vision: @EcstaticVision_


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