Moribund Mantras – Into Nothingness

 I’ve always coveted doom metal as being as much of a creative breeding ground much like black metal, albeit the latter being much more fleshed out and explored. However, doom has always had that special crunch and an overall flavor that I tend to gravitate towards. And whenever a doom ground adds a touch of psychedelia to the mix I somehow can’t turn away, and Moribund Mantras attempted just that. Thankfully, their style is exactly what I’ve been seeking out through the years.

“Into Nothingness” in its whole has a style that I’ve very much heard before albeit it in a few different forms. Imagine a band in the same exact vein of metal as Neurosis, Inter Arma, and YOB that has an exact idea of what they want to create from listening to those bands, and are simply taking their first steps as a group. That’s precisely what I find Moribund Mantras to be. All of their debut that is “Into Nothingness” is a pale, multi-layered record that really shows right from the get-go that this German band has plenty of potential greatness to tap into. Some of which they displayed excellently in all of “Into Nothingness”. Almost every track is followed up by an instrumental quicky that all add this sense of foreboding and intimidation that easily gets underneath the skin. Then there’s that tad of psychedelia that Moribund Mantras brought the table is a relatively small amount, but holy shit does it make a hell of an impact! It makes “Into Nothingness” a very dark experience the likes of which that if you want your doom to get a little ethereal and then smack you right across the face back into reality then this is one of those pieces that you are absolutely going to want to investigate. I’m positive that groups such Neurosis and YOB had plenty of influence here, and I’ve always been more than happy to see new bands crawl out of the woodwork and show their own takes of the style Neurosis has created, and hopefully Moribund Mantras is the first sparks of an eventual inferno. One can only hope.

Being a debut, Moribund Mantras had to prove with this record that they had a sound going that was both interesting and not a simply cookie-cutter. From the first few tracks alone we can tell that “Into Nothingness” was handcrafted with such delicacy and talent that it simply cannot go unnoticed. Given time, I hope to see Moribund Mantras expand and propel themselves further than what they’ve done with “Into Nothingness”, even farther into excellence.

LISTEN to “Into Nothingness” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Moribund Mantras on Facebook here.


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