Haate – Crystal: Farewell

 Prior to a few months ago, I had always been into metal infused with loads of atmosphere but not the style of music that’s simply titled “noise”. Mainly because I always felt it needed more, but recently some switched flipped in my brain somehow and now I’m more than intrigued by solely ambient pieces. Haate is a one-man band that I’ve come across before and didn’t enjoy, but I thought a second chance was necessary and my investigation was extremely well rewarded!

The main thing that turned me to noise is how without any sort of real form or definitive shape it can take you to a whole new dimension of shifting colors and light physically bend before your eyes to create an experience that can be either immensely haunting or blissfully calm. Haate managed to find a solid point with “Crystal: Farewell” that combines calm ambiance that’s as uniquely tranquil as the cover art with an ominous undertone that permeates the entire half hour that the record goes on for. Some brief pieces of actual black metal manage to sneak into the mix at one point, and that breathes a whole typhoon of fresh air to “Crystal: Farewell” and makes the melancholy feel of the surrounding notes and beeps that make up the album. And there are but three tracks to this piece. Three that spread roughly thirty minutes and all of those minutes flow excellently well and want to make you come back for another ethereal excursion when it wraps up. I honestly listened to “Crystal: Farewell” for almost three hours before coming out of that trance that Haate masterfully creates with such ease and that if nothing else is the telltale sign of an interesting, gripping piece of music.

The more I go into the realm of noise, the more I find interesting groups that truly tantalize the human imagination. Sure, I’ve come across bands that I don’t find preferable, but Haate is no longer a band that I can think of negatively. “Crystal: Farewell” alone made me do a complete 180 flip with my opinion of Haate. Whereas before I found this Italian to be something that felt meaningless and unforgettable in my eyes, these three tracks alone opened my eyes to what brilliance Haate managed to tap into with this record. Take a seat, lean back, and soak yourself in this immersive bath that you will find yourself longing for even after swimming in its waters for hours on end.

LISTEN to “Crystal: Farewell” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Haate on Facebook here.


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