Assault – The Fallen Reich

 There are some days where a diverse metalhead will desire either something with a slow rhythm that’s all but crushing and other days when we want something with a blistering speed that’s ultra fast and brutal. The latter rings true for me today, and I was lucky enough to hear yet another secret from Singapore that instantly gave me what I needed. Assault is a relatively little-known band, but this record will surely make their explosive presence known.

I’ll be honest . . . it took me a few spins to warm up to “The Fallen Reich”. It simply just sounded like a band that wanted to be loud and angry for no real reason, but after the first spin and then going back to the six tracks that are laid out for us, Assault quickly got better and better. “The Fallen Reich” is composed of unbridled fury compounded with lightning fast speed that makes for a brilliant match that has been done for years, and this is yet another incarnation of that formula brought to a magnificent fruition. While the whole of the record itself doesn’t have much diversity between the tracks as they all sound pretty similar all around honestly, Assault still makes for a smashing record that doesn’t disappoint for anyone looking for a new violent piece of speedy death to add to their diet. All of “The Fallen Reich” doesn’t last all that long with all but one track reaching over four minutes which in turn really allows for the speed to take maximum effect, and then the addition of face-melting death metal seals the unholy deal that makes the piece as enjoyable as it is. Thrashy death metal has always had a pretty reputable roster over the years, and Assault easily lives up to past legends with “The Fallen Reich” being no less than pure awesomeness.

Singapore has always had its fair share of wondrous metal acts with the most notable being Vedic metal pioneers Rudra, but now Assault has fully emerged from the scene’s shadows with power that cannot be denied. Should any piece of their’s ever allow them to get the recognition they’ve deserved for quite some time then it will surely be “The Fallen Reich” is all of its magnitudes of badassery.

“The Fallen Reich” releases on May 10th via Transcending Obscurity Asia!

LISTEN to an advanced track, “Ghettos”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Assault on Facebook here.


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