Methane – The Devil’s Own

 Cliches aside, everyone is always a fan of a blast from a past. Be it seeing an old movie not seen for decades or hearing a band you haven’t heard from in years, we all enjoy rediscovering shit. Naturally, the latter has happened to me today with Sweden’s Methane who I haven’t a single note from in almost three whole years. I felt that was a good enough break and I was eager to hear what’s new, and I’m very happy I decided to do so.

There’s nothing super special or anything that stands out about Methane, and I appreciate that as even though I appreciate complexity in music there’s still little that can beat a good rhythm accompanied by a solid crunch. Before, Methane had created a sound that to me honestly was interesting but in the end was a tad generic and ultimately unmemorable. Now, though? They’ve gained the necessary experience and know-how of what it means to make a record with their first full-length of “The Devil’s Own” which sees the image of Methane coming into full, unadulterated vision. Granted, five out of the nine songs that are on this record has been out for quite some time, and Methane took the time to apply higher quality mixing and mastering to the tracks. That in it of itself is a little off putting for me personally because I’m not a huge fan of re-recordings, but that’s a tiny problem that’s quickly superseded by the fact that “The Devil’s Own” is a fascinating album that shows what Methane is truly made of. All nine tracks have a magnificent crunch, awesome riffs, and a sense of a damn good time flowing throughout them all to really make this the epitome of a heavy record that wastes no time to get down and dirty. Not many can do that anymore and actually make it sound half decent, but Methane show with little effort that they now know precisely what they want and how they’re going to achieve it. “The Devil’s Own” is the album that defines this band at the moment and will hopefully be the foundation for what comes later in the band’s future.

I was a little skeptical going back to see what Methane had conjured up with this new record as I feared they had devolved into your basic, boring Pantera wannabe clone. Fortunately, the universe was again showed me there was nothing to worry about. “The Devil’s Own” is a prime example of what it looks like when a band comes together to create heavy, groovy metal that can gain the attention of anyone willing to listen. I’m willing to make the bet Methane has plenty more up their sleeves, and I’d happily wait another three years to see that become a reality.

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