Movement of Static – Novelty Seekers

 In a world where every single route of rock seems to be fleshed out all but completely, it still amazes me every single day that bands can still find a sound and therefore a niche in their respective styles. One vein that always has my interest is instrumental rock. Not sure what it is, but something about a band being able to work without vocals seems to enrapture me completely. The same goes for Movement of Static and their applause worthy debut.

I tend to find that when a band concentrates their efforts into a few tracks per record that the quality goes through the fucking roof. Movement of Static appears to agree as their first piece, “Novelty Seekers”, has only four tracks. Albeit, the record stretches to over 30 minutes in total, that doesn’t take away from the awesomeness that this piece embodies. The instrumentalism that we’re treated to with “Novelty Seekers” raise its own landscapes and weaves entrancing melodies that really pulls the listener in. That, like most pieces that are purely instrumental, allows you to simply kick back and jump downstream with the grooves and rhythms that Movement of Static effortlessly carve with their rock. And not only does “Novelty Seekers” have the catchiness and intrigue of a proper rock album, it’s also got a good crunch that comes and goes as easily as both you and the album breathes, making a truly fluid experience that is no less than seamless. That being said, Movement of Static aren’t exactly anything special or surprisingly noteworthy in comparison, but I’ll be damned if I don’t say how enjoyable “Novelty Seekers” is in the end.

To call this record an essential piece that should be heard by all instrumental rock fans would be fucking obvious in every way. Movement of Static really nailed it with this debut to show that they’re not messing around and that they have the capacity to really impress. “Novelty Seekers” is a treat in just about every single way that I can honestly recommend to anyone who simply wants a good time.

LISTEN to “Novelty Seekers” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Movement of Static on Facebook here.

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