The Obsessed – Sacred

 Imagine being in a band, laying down the foundations for what would later become known as stoner doom, and then breaking up the band after multiple landmark albums. That’s precisely what happened with The Obsessed, granddaddies of stoner doom itself, back in ’95. Over 20 years later, the band has returned, albeit with different members along with the band’s found. But the question persists: do the members surpass the test of time with this comeback? Damn fucking right they do, and in a marvelous record that’s no less than a stunner!

This kind of record is something that had to be carefully crafted and put together with the utmost care as well as remain true to what the band stood for decades ago. Otherwise, the comeback would both sound and feel like a cash grab that immediately falls on its face. Luckily, that’s nowhere near the case with The Obsessed’s comeback album, “Sacred”. With what must’ve been a real wall for the band member’s to overcome and accomplish, the resulting record is exactly what one should expect from the band who practically invented a style of metal, and it really shows in the fabulous 12 tracks of “Sacred”. We get a lot of what stoner doom has become with this album. Some songs are less than three minutes long, others well over five, crispy riffs spread out masterfully to always keep you reeled in, and that slow, crunchy rhythm that is precisely what doom has always been associated with. It’s not particularly heavy, though, as “Sacred” still has a kick to it that many metalheads will find enthralling, but it’s nowhere near as over the top as some would prefer. The Obsessed found the perfect balance, and not just with the heaviness, but everything with “Sacred”. All the tracks blend marvelously well together to create an immaculate doom experience that’s just as classic sounding as it is delicious.

Many reunions of metal bands have happened over the course of the last few years with the most notable in my opinion being Coal Chamber, until now, that is! The Obsessed had my initial doubts, but they were immediately dashed as I delved into this comeback that is so much more than I or anyone else ever could’ve hoped for! “Sacred” stands proud as a monument of the current state of stoner doom that transcends the entirety of the style in the most fashionable way possible and is mark the return of a lost treasure.

“Sacred” releases on April 7th via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “Sacred” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 advanced tracks from “Sacred” on Bandcamp here.

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