Somnium Nox – Terra Inanis

 A band’s first full-length album is one that has absolutely got to leave an imprint on the listener. That’s if you want your band to be successful and sustainable, of course. In the case of Somnium Nox, their initial EP, “Apocrypha”, from last year proved that these Australians had plenty of talent, and simply needed to hone their skill. The last 12 months they’ve been doing just that, and the resulting album is an absolute monster!

The whole of “Apocrypha” was a single track that stretched 16 minutes long, and it worked very well! That alone showed Somnium Nox already had the capacity and capability to fulfill their vision of long winded pieces of black metal with loads of atmosphere woven throughout the piece. Now, does all of that show up in the upcoming album of “Terra Inanis”? It fucking does in no less than fucking boatloads, and Somnium Nox has improved tenfold in terms of style, overall performance, and general badassery! We get but three tracks with “Terra Inanis”, but they allow the entirety of the record to stretch over 28 minutes of atmospheric black metal that I wouldn’t consider top notch, but it certainly impresses. From the haunting atmosphere to the gripping drone of a didgeridoo, Somnium Nox really hit it out of the fucking park with this full-length, and it in every single way surpasses every hope I could’ve had since first hearing “Apocrypha”. “Terra Inanis” serves as both a dark guide through a plane of mist and absolute despair that constantly gets better as it progresses, and you get to see all the major landmarks along the way to get the complete unadulterated view of the realm that Somnium Nox has crafted. Simply gorgeous, even if it is incredibly foreboding and intimidating from afar.

Australia has always been a hotspot for all types of music, but the country’s metal scene seems to be increasing at a literal exponential rate as each year we get more unbelievable bands hail from within those borders. This goes double for black metal, and Somnium Nox has skyrocketed past so much of the competition with this record alone to make themselves a formidable force that stands right alongside other Australian mammoths like Norse and Mesarthim. “Terra Inanis” is a damn essential must if you want to hear quality atmospheric black metal that gives you the whole nine yards in a prime experience the likes of which you’d be hard-pressed to find in many other places.

“Terra Inanis” releases on May 15th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

PRE-ORDER “Terra Inanis” via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Somnium Nox on Facebook here.


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