Enisum – Seasons of Desolation

 Anyone who follows black metal of any sort will know that the atmospheric variety has a fucking gigantic community. Just when I think the style can’t reach new heights I always come across something that’s no less than stunning. There’s plenty of great bands of the style out there, but I’ve discovered today that Enisum, while still popular by the standards of the style, are criminally unknown, and their upcoming album is all the proof you need.

Sure, the last release that Enisum put out a few years ago was noteworthy, but I always felt it was missing something even though I’ve never been able to figure out what that something was. Well, whatever the band did during their rigorous touring in the last few years allowed them to find that something and Enisum incorporated into every moment of “Seasons of Desolation”. Any doubt that I had about this record about its quality was immediately dashed as the first track alone is a marvelous spectacle, which makes the rest of this album a ridiculous in the best way possible! “Seasons of Desolation” takes the traditional elements of atmospheric black metal from the relentless guitars and drums, quick flips to an entrancing atmosphere for maximum effect, and screeching vocals that wrap up the package real nicely, yet Enisum manages to breathe their special touch and pump life into the style that can easily become stale. This seems to have been done with seemingly little effort, yet considering the beautiful realms that are woven out of oblivion by the likes of additional vocals, excellent riffs, and a sense of hypnotism that persists through all of “Seasons of Desolation” that grips the listener unconditionally from the very beginning to the bittersweet end.

Fen, Mesarthim, Manetheren, and Asofy have all put out formidable releases that have already made 2017 a fantastic year for atmospheric black metal, but Enisum effortlessly tops them all with this record. Everything that could’ve possibly been done right with this magnificent album was done, and if anyone had any question to the power and glory behind Enisum then all they need to do is hear this piece and realize what Enisum truly is. “Seasons of Desolation” is a fucking amazing trip that has to be taken no matter what, and once you’ve experienced it you’ll be all but compelled to immerse yourself in it time and again.

“Seasons of Desolation” releases on April 22nd via Avantgarde Music!

LISTEN to an advanced track, “Snow Storm”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Enisum on Facebook here.


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