Fen – Winter

 In recent times, it’s become very apparent that any casual visitor of the metal section on Bandcamp knows that black metal absolutely fucking dominates. That has led to a particular few elite bands stay near or at the top almost endlessly whenever they release something. In the last few days, I’ve constantly seen Fen near the top, and I’ve always heard good things but never heard the British band before. Today, I went to change that with “Winter”, and holy fucking shit was that a great idea!

Such a bleak cover art that conveys so little hope is something that always draws me in, and Fen did that perfectly in every single way with “Winter”. Not only is the cover extremely well done in my opinion, it ties in flawlessly with the six tracks that make up the record. What Fen has done here is no short that a fucking phenomenal act that clearly shows why the band has been topping Bandcamp charts since its release. This is one of those releases that really needs to be heard all in one stretch, and is to be taken in fully with your entire mind, body, and soul. Each track of “Winter” has its own flavor to make the record a diverse one that continuously rewards the listener but immerses you in an atmosphere that persists throughout the entirety of “Winter” that’s no less than completely and utterly enrapturing. The constant twists and turns involving the emotion, vocals, rhythms, and intensity rings on hundred percent true of what I’ve heard about Fen before, and this album proves that I’ve been missing out on some awesome shit. “Winter” is easily one of the best releases to come from the black metal genre so far this year, and it’s not hard to see why.

Not many bands can be constantly changing their style and sound throughout their career so fluidly, but Fen has accomplished the feat of doing it seemingly effortlessly with this record. “Winter” is a monumental album that has absolutely got to be heard by not just black metal fans, but fans of all metal because this is an experience that transcends genre classification to really deliver a performance that can’t be considered any less than masterful.

LISTEN to “Winter” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Fen on Facebook here.


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