Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot

 Sweden has always been one of those landmark countries of death metal that will always be saturated with all sorts of death metal. Be it, even more, melo-death from Gothenburg or some new act of whatever style out of Stockholm, there’s always something new. Many tend to try to sound more modern and innovative, but we’ll always have bands like Cut Up who dish out their death metal at no less than full power with maximum bloodshed.

Typically, it takes a band at least a few albums, EPs, and maybe a split or two in order to gain any sort of traction throughout the global metal community. There’s always a few exceptions, and Cut Up is easily one such group as “Wherever They May Rot” is only the band’s sophomore record, but already these Swedes have got a strong, healthy following with good reason. These guys don’t fuck around for even a second. Extremely few fancy solos, little to no downtime, and no sort of fluff amongst what Cut Up present: in your face, brutal, gruesome, and fucking bloody death metal that leaves no fucking survivors! Not even 40 minutes are spanned by the eleven tracks of “Wherever They May Rot” to make it a quick paced, unrelenting, and an unforgiving piece that refuses to release its grip on your psyche. Everything Cut Up bring to the table is the very essence of death metal itself, and the band nails it right on the head to pack a punch that few other groups out there can replicate so spectacularly. Sometimes all you need is to not bring anything new to the table or set yourself apart from the rest stylistically. You can just do what’s been done before, add your own touches here and there, and succeed where many failed. That’s exactly what Cut Up has done here, and “Wherever They May Rot” is a brilliant testament of modern death metal.

This is by no means my favorite death metal record in a while or the best of its kind, but it is without a doubt commendable for the life that it breathes into the genre that can feel quite stale at times. Cut Up is one of those Swedish bands that has broken the mold of “yet another Swedish death band”, and has started to become one of those groups that allowed the country to become so renowned in the first place. “Wherever They May Rot” does not disappointed, and also have your face melted off, but it’s worth it this time.

“Wherever They May Rot” releases on March 24th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “Wherever They May Rot” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the opening track, “From Ear to Ear”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cut Up on Facebook here.


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