Spaceslug – Time Travel Dilemma

 As long as mankind has been able to walk, we’ve always wanted to explore. It’s in our very DNA, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. We’re all explorers at heart. We’ve discovered the forests, the plains, the oceans, the deserts; we’ve found so much over millennia. However, there’s one last place that is nigh on infinite: space. Currently, we can’t delve into that darkness, but with special blends of music, we get beautiful soundtracks of cruising amongst the planets and stars. Spaceslug easily embodies that, and with their sophomore effort we’re going further into the magic of space, and it’s one fucking hell of a ride!

Space rock to me is like folk metal: I look for certain elements that truly bring out the best of the genre. Every single flawless space rock experience I’ve ever had was immensely psychedelic, and Spaceslug is no different. Their debut record, “Lemanis”, showed that this band knew what they wanted to do, but it simply didn’t click with me. The second time around, though? Holy fucking shit! “Time Travel Dilemma” perfectly encapsulates everything marvelous about space rock and then throws it together with stoner doom to form this misty, trippy journey that really takes you to another plane of reality itself. Extremely few albums can do that and even fewer bands can make each spin of the entire record something special that gets better every single fucking time. Each song from “Time Travel Dilemma” takes you to completely different sections of the universe in the blink of an eye where one piece can surround you in a beautiful landscape brimming with life sustained by tasty, tasty riffs, and then the next will through you into the void as you gaze at the magnificently glorious spectacle of a supernova being brought into existence by the wonderful melodies and sheer musicianship that Spaceslug constantly brings to the table. No two tracks sound alike, giving “Time Travel Dilemma” several breaths of new life every time one song ends and the next begins to give the record an eternal satisfying feel. Spaceslug has arguably made the perfect blend of space rock and stoner doom (I’m going to start calling this space doom because yes) by mixing together psychedelia, accessible riffs, a solid crunch, and lengthy songs that produce a truly mint experience like no other.

Honestly, I heard Spaceslug’s debut a few weeks after it came out, and felt that there was plenty of potential within this Polish band so I noted them down for future reference. I’m so fucking glad beyond words that I did that because that means I may never have thought to investigate “Time Travel Dilemma” which is no less than criminal by any standards. This is a prime album that must be heard if you want to hear the next big thing in space rock/stoner doom. Spaceslug brought the jams with this piece and by God, it will propel them into such a status that will gain them the recognition they so clearly deserve!

LISTEN to “Time Travel Dilemma” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Spaceslug on Facebook here.


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