Amken – Theater of the Absurd

 Many countries have become with certain kinds of metal over the years. For example, Norway has black metal and Finland gets death metal it would seem. However, what about thrash? I used to think that Brazil would claim to have the best thrash bands, but recently I’ve come to the realization that (in my experience) Greece tends to be the best place for solid thrash. Suicidal Angels is an easy pick, and Amken is a close second that has only just started down their glorious path of destruction.

Previously, all we’ve heard from Amken is their debut EP that they put out back towards the end of 2014 with “Adrenaline Shot”. After that, not much to be heard of until just now. These Greeks have finally finished putting together their upcoming first full-length record, “Theater of the Absurd”, and it’s everything you could ever ask for from a piece of thrash. We’re presented with eight tracks of blistering thrash mixed with that glorious underground band feel that is just so raw and so unrefined that if you’re a constant purveyor of the global underground scene such as myself then you’ll feel right at home with “Theater of the Absurd”. Amken have by no means hit the nail right on the head or made the perfect thrash album by any means, but fuck me sideways if this record doesn’t fucking shred! It’s got the speed that’s essential for the genre, the insanity that makes for this truly chaotic feel, and both rhythms and melodies that really bring “Theater of the Absurd” together in a way that is nigh on irresistible. This is just the kind of thing that I needed in my own personal thrash drought, as I’ve been hard pressed to find another good thrash record to get my fill of, and I can happily that Amken brought the power, the hyperactivity, and madness that I needed to immerse myself in.

As mentioned, I’m one who’s constantly going through the underground and trying to find what hidden talent can be heard, and then proceed to spread it through typing words for you people. Amken is easily a greatly hidden talent that has yet to be discovered by the rest of the world, and it’s something that’s simply waiting to happen. “Theater of the Absurd” is the type of shit that has an eternal mosh pit going on as it’s playing, and the kind of thing that will surely propel Amken to the forefront of the Greek thrash scene as they’ve clearly got loads of talent to throw around.

“Theater of the Absurd” releases on April 7th!

LISTEN to an advanced track, “Soul’s Crypt”, on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Amken on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Amken on Twitter: @Amkenthrash


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