Ordeal & Plight – s/t

 Every so often, there’s a word that gets thrown around way too much in the metal, rock, heavy, etc. industry and it gets extremely old extremely fucking quick. Nowadays, that word is “post”. People just tack it onto every to call something post just to add another adjective, so in order to remind myself of the truth, I wanted to hear a true post record. My salvation would come from the fresh 3-piece act of Ordeal & Plight, and it’s an ever so sweet salvation.

Instantly, one can realize the true appeal of what Ordeal & Plight has to offer with their self-titled debut record, it is purely instrumental. I went into the record not expecting that one bit. The lack of vocals always adds a mysterious layer to the music which, in this case, is already impeccable, to begin with. Ordeal & Plight really manage to mix a little of so much into ten tracks that it’s nothing less than a real spectacle to see how well the final product ended up being. The core of what Ordeal & Plight made here is undoubtedly post-rock, but somehow the band has managed to weave elements of black metal, folk rock, and jazz to create this experience that sounds like a clusterfuck on paper, but holy shit was the execution pulled off without a hitch in sight! Each track brings a new flavor, a new texture, and a new sound that all come flowing like water from the strings and are woven together seamlessly by the beats of drums; all you could ever want out of an instrumental stroke of brilliance. Given that the members of Ordeal & Plight have been in the music game for years prior to the creation of this group, these guys knew what they were doing and it really shows in this piece.

This is one of those albums that takes real craftsmanship and a deep sense of musicianship in order to be formed. Certainly, great effort, time, and sweat were poured into this debut, and what we get is something that I can only give a double thumbs up to. No words can encapsulate more of what Ordeal & Plight has accomplished with this record than a simply two thumbs up. I’d be absolutely keen to see what else can be done here as there’s an absolute world of possibility to be explored, and I’d take that journey in a fucking instant!

LISTEN to “Ordeal & Plight” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ordeal & Plight on Facebook here.


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