Nova Collective – The Further Side

nova_collective_-_the_further_side Jazz has always been one of those styles that I’ve always wanted to get into simply because of how intrinsic and out-of-this-world the music always feels to me. For some reason, can’t get into it. So, maybe some fusion would help me out? Luckily, it helps me a shit ton as welding jazz together with rock makes for a very peculiar thing to behold. If any band embodies fusion perfectly, Nova Collective is an easy choice for the top.

I feel it’s safe to say that the process to create a jazz-infused rock album is a challenge in it of itself for multiple reasons, but to make it instrumental would truly mean to go above and beyond. Yet, that’s precisely what Nova Collective does. I would also guess that a band’s first crack at an album would show the band stumbling here and there in a few aspects as they try to become accustomed to not dealing with vocals. However, all of Nova Collective’s upcoming record, “The Further Side”, had no sort of missteps and was consistent brilliance that so many could jam out to for just about any occasion. This record is really something that any fan of fusion, rock, jazz and someone like me can easily transition into without any struggle. Each of the six tracks that make for a good time of “The Further Side” utilizes so much of what makes jazz good from the instruments to the funky rhythms and then mixed it fantastically with the glory of rock and taste that the genre always carries with it. The amount of diversity and changes that occur in a single song alone are stunning, and now imagine that happening in every single piece to really make “The Further Side” flow better than water and allow the listener to seamlessly fall back into the jams. Instrumental bands have always excelled at that aspect, and Nova Collective clearly understands that without a single problem.

Should you be a constant purveyor of all things instrumental in rock or just in general, you are absolutely going to want to know of Nova Collective. These guys make a truly mint record that breathes this unique experience that you can’t find out of much else in the world, but this piece alone makes up for that instantly. “The Further Side” is a thrilling ride that you can easily take on a warm day’s drive or grind away at work, and that makes it extremely memorable and delicious with each passing listen.

“The Further Side” releases on March 10th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “The Further Side” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 tracks from “The Further Side” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Nova Collective on Facebook here.

One thought on “Nova Collective – The Further Side

  1. Just listened to the 2 pre-release tracks on Bandcamp after reading this review… can’t wait for the full release! Thanks for helping me discover some great new music

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