The Fre3 Bastards – In Our World of Bastards

a3179873762_10 Hardly anyone in today’s world of serious music knows how to have true fun anymore. If they do, it’s rarely reflected in the music. Few bands have that garage feel in their music anymore, and if you want that you really have to look for it throughout the corners of the civilized world. In France, one band who clearly has a good time performing is The Fre3 Bastards who are all you’ll need to prove rock still yet thrives.

There’s such an unrefined and almost inexperienced sound with rock of this kind that it’s the kind of thing that seems very . . . uninteresting at first, but after a while, you come to appreciate it. Mainly because you realize you don’t hear it very often and it has its own personal finesse that no other style of any other kind of music can replicate. And with no other sort of other material that I could find from The Fre3 Bastards, I wondered whether or not “In Our World of Bastards” had that finesse, and thankfully, I was not left disappointed. The five songs that make up this EP are no less than a very good time the likes of which you’d hear at your local bar and become interested in what tasty, tasty riffs you were hearing come from the stage. Everything with “In Our World of Bastards” shows what it means to be a rock band made to have fun, made to have a good time, and made simply because the band members felt like it. What other reasons could you want? And if the purpose behind The Fre3 Bastards won’t sway you, then the music definitely should. It’s quality rock with a hint of stoner for good effect that really connects with the soul and makes you want to do a slight headbang along with the rhythm. Now, that’s something everyone’s always up for.

Light years away from being the most enjoyable rock album I’ve heard, this record is still noteworthy regardless. The Fre3 Bastards comes from the French scene that still continuously interests me every time I see a new band come from its border. Be it alongside bands like Ende or Gojira, The Fre3 Bastards stand as one of those tiny, tiny bands that definitely warrant investigation if you want to be shown a good time.

LISTEN to “In Our World of Bastards” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Fre3 Bastards on Facebook here.


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