Evocation – The Shadow Archetype

evocation_-_the_shadow_archetype Just when I think Sweden seemingly can’t produce any more noteworthy bands, I get another few groups thrown at my face. It’s been awhile since that’s happened, but today the country has thrown but one band my way: Evocation. Going since ’91 with some hiatuses, these Swedes have been bringing death metal in such an accessible yet brutal way that it’s straight up applause worthy. Such is the case with their upcoming record, “The Shadow Archetype”.

I understand using “death metal” and “accessible” in the same sentence may seem redundant, but trust me on this one. I’ll start off by saying by no means has Evocation blown me away with “The Shadow Archetype” along with not disappointing me in any form, but instead, Evocation has caught both my attention and curiosity with this record. Throughout this 11-track piece, we’re treated to a delectable feast of what can only be described as uniform brutality, and by that I mean there’s clearly plenty of intensity, anger, rage, etc. within the contents of “The Shadow Archetype”, but there’s a form to it all. It’s not all fast, loud, and make as much noise as possible. There’s melody, there are bridges, there’s framework to the music; everything that comes from a meticulously crafted record. Perhaps it’s the two years that Evocation took to make this album had something to do with that? Probably, and the result is quite the spectacle as it shows even after over 20 years of the name of Evocation being spread across the world, these Swedes can still impress even after losing core members over the years. Riffs, acoustic interludes, brilliant rhythms, and seething rage can all be found within “The Shadow Archetype” to make it a diverse record that, while it follows a core sound, still manages to impress track after track.

One of the very quotes that I’ve tried to revolve my life around is such: “respect the past, embrace the future”. Metal, in particular, seems to do such pretty well despite much of the fan base not liking change, but Evocation seems to be going back to their death metal roots while still trying to remain forward-thinking with this record. “The Shadow Archetype” is quite the tasty piece that continuously gifts the listener, and it’s the sort of thing that can be no less than infectious.

“The Shadow Archetype” releases on March 10th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “The Shadow Archetype” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the track “Children of Stone” from “The Shadow Archetype” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Evocation on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Evocation on Twitter: @EvocationSwe


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