Warcrab – Scars of Aeons

warcrabartwork There’s always something that extreme metal has always been known for no matter what kind of style you’re going for: overwhelming power! That’s what makes it extreme! And, sure, we have death and black metal that can still be fresh and very fun in today’s world, but what about other ways of being brutal? That’s what Warcrab seem to be thinking as their blend of death and sludge metal is no less than absolutely crushing, and their upcoming record beautifully demonstrates that.

It’s not very hard to imagine what destructive energy can come out of coming death and sludge metal to create an unstoppable monstrosity, but there’s always the matter of actually pulling it off. But to say that Warcrab hit the nail right on the head with “Scars of Aeons” would be like saying the sun is kind of warm; a massive fucking understatement. The five tracks we get with this new album are a brutal series of consecutive punches to the groin, face, and throat that simply do not relent for anything – giving “Scars of Aeons” this eternal moshing sensation that weaves in and out of every note of the record. And while five tracks may seem quite boring and overall pretty scant, Warcrab easily make up for that by dropping slabs of unbelievably heavy metal that comes in the form of three tracks that go on over five minutes; the finale going just over ten. That’s something not many bands who embrace death metal will attempt to do, and several who do try fall short, but not Warcrab. “Scars of Aeons” stands as a powerful testament to the volatile and immense dedication that this group contains, but then unleashes its unbridled fury in all of its excellence in these five tracks. Never before would I have expected something so heavy yet so well thought out as Warcrab to come out of the United Kingdom, yet these Brits are ready to unleash their second full-length album, and it will surely rock the country’s heaviest metal foundations to the very core.

This record is no less than a monumental powerhouse of blood and chaos that simply does not relent in its entire existence to make it one of the most brutal records to have come out this year thus far. “Scars of Aeons” is something that has got to be heard if you want your power to strike down harder than an asteroid plummeting to the Earth and with more might than a fearless warrior, and it’s ceaselessly entertaining. Warcrab may not be the most astounding new band that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing, but holy shit do they leave a massive impression!

“Scars of Aeons” releases on May 1st!

LISTEN to 2 advance tracks from “Scars of Aeons” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Warcrab on Twitter: @Warcrab1


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