Black Mirrors – Funky Queen

707_blackmirrors_cmyk I’ve always believed that rock is nowhere near dead as the original flame, however faint, is still going in today’s music industry. You just gotta do some digging and searching before you can find a band that truly has a golden rock spirit to the very core. The newest group that I’ve found to fit that description is Black Mirrors who is Belgium’s answer to rock and roll, and does it fucking deliver!

It’s fair to say that rock, in general, is still very much alive and well, but for a band to come together and make what can undoubtedly be called rock n roll and then have it be good is something too few can manage to pull off nowadays. Black Mirrors to date hasn’t put out a single piece of material, so “Funky Queen” serves as the world’s first taste we can get from the Belgian group and needless to say that the band does nothing but justice to show that rock truly isn’t dead. It’s the real down-to-earth garage feel that permeates all of this four-track EP that gets me going. But maybe you’ll find the in-your-face style of the wondrously done vocals that’ll catch your fancy? Or the rhythms that don’t let up with draw you in. No matter which way you slice it or how you look at it, both “Funky Queen” and Black Mirrors have got an absolute plethora of things that can be for every sort of rock fan out there. Not many can do that, and even less can do it as well as Black Mirrors who has made a mind-boggler of a debut EP. This, truly, came out of nowhere for me and I predict that will be the case for many others and you will find yourself in my place as well; astounded.

There’s no other way to put it – Black Mirrors has made a virtually flawless debut. My only lament for all of “Funky Queen” is that we’re only given four tracks. Halfway through you’re already left craving more, and while we don’t get much more to absorb, “Funky Queen” has ridiculous levels of replayability that continuously give it new life. That’s the kind of shit that will allow the record and Black Mirrors to leave a massive impact on whoever is lucky enough to hear this gem from nowhere. Do not miss this opportunity for what might become the next great thing in rock!

“Funky Queen” releases on March 3rd via Napalm Records!

PRE-ORDER “Funky Queen” via iTunes here.

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FOLLOW Black Mirrors on Twitter: @BlackMirrorsmus


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