Kashgar – s/t

a1008560263_10 One of my absolute favorite things about hearing new music every single day is that every so often you find something that can only be described as unexpected. There’s many version of “unexpected”, and today’s case is easily my personal favorite. I’ve been lucky to hear metal come out of seemingly random countries such as India and Iran, and now . . . Kyrgyzstan! Not familiar with the Kyrgyzstan metal scene? That’s because it’s made up of one band: Kashgar. And oh boy do they make their presence known!

Imagine being the only metal band in your country! It seems like such an outlandish thing to someone like me who’s seen it come out of there far reaches of the world, but yet Kashgar stands tall as the only active metal act to be going in their nation. Quite the head turner, sure, but it’s the music that’s the real impressor. What kind of metal would the only Kyrgyz metal act perform? Black? Thrash? Death? Doom? Actually, as much as it sounds like a clusterfuck, Kashgar manages to infuse elements of all four into their self-titled to truly make a stand out performance. Every moment of Kashgar’s first piece of material is no less than extremely satisfactory with each track being diverse, unique, and made with such excellent levels of musicianship that it’s simply staggering. The best thing about what Kashgar has done with this record, in my opinion, has to be how each song is a different experience that shows the true genius behind the group. Want a groovy instrumental piece? Throw on the first track, “Half a Devil”. Desire a lengthy and epic experience that spans several styles? Dig into the second track, “Tyan-Shan / Batyr”. Crave something that cuts deep and lets the blood flow? Toss up the third track “Scent of Your Blood”. All of what Kashgar has dealt with this record shows the band isn’t thinking with a one-track mind but is instead thinking outside the box to create an experience that very few can create, and the fact that it’s pulled off so smoothly is what makes Kashgar’s creation as delectable as it is.

Honestly, I totally forgot about Kyrgyzstan as a country entirely. Be it me just not hearing anything about it never or you saying it’s because I’m a scumbag American, I truly don’t care for I’ve now got all I could ever want out of the mid-Asian country in the form of Kashgar! This debut is a true gem that I know very few have had the privilege of hearing, and I know there’s many out there who are craving for material exactly like this! Kashgar may be the very definition of an obscure band at the moment, but I know for a fact that if the band keeps at it and continues to dish out albums like this then they will without a doubt grow to be a formidable force in the Asian metal scene.

LISTEN to “Kashgar” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kashgar on Facebook here.


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