Inquisition – Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith

a0472586567_10 You know, it’s always a good thing to look back while also thinking forward. At the end of every year, I always have a feeling that I missed something. Something that went right under my radar and that once I’d found it I would wish that I discovered it much, much sooner. Upon hearing one song from Inquisition’s last record that was released in August, I knew I’d find what I missed before. Holy Satan, do I wish I heard this sooner!!

To make things infinitely simpler, we’re going to take the album title, “Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith”, and just shorten it to “Bloodshed”. Other than that, the only other thing that’s as lengthy as the record’s name is how much time you will spend listening to this spectacle. It’s as if all things, dark, brooding, and unholy formed together into one malevolent being with brimstone as blood and had a voice that pierced the void itself. That’s what “Bloodshed” is like, and if Inquisition was ever going to outperform themselves yet again with any record then this is definitively that record! The entirety of this 50+ marvel is how brutal and foreboding it all is, even when the vocals cut out and the instruments do all the talking. It makes for this horrifying sound that truly gets under the skin, eliminates the weak, and those that persevere are found banging their heads along and fully embracing the magnificent void that’s all but flowing from “Bloodshed”. It’s possibly the quintessential album of modern black metal as it’s got everything you could ever want from riffs to pure savagery to ridiculous musical prowess to an atmosphere that is the very embodiment of malevolence itself. Never before has a band been able to so often cut to the listener’s very core with every record, but now Inquisition has gone beyond the core and takes a chunk out of your very soul, and that’s something not many modern black metal bands can do nowadays, but Inquisition proved with their first album alone that they’re not your typical band.

Should there every be a piece that can be heralded as what’s damn near the epitome of black metal itself, then I want “Bloodshed” up for immediate nomination. Inquisition blow everything they’ve ever done right out of the fucking water with every single album they put out, but it’s “Bloodshed” that’s their clear magnum opus. So far, anyway. If anything is to be gathered it’s that these gentlemen out of Northwest America know what it is to create top tier black metal, and they’ve luckily no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

LISTEN to “Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Inquisition on Facebook here.


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