Naudiz – Wulfasa Kunja

12Jacket_3mm_spine_all_sides.indd It’s not hard for a small group of guys to come together and decide to make black metal. It’s one thing to make an album that absolutely kicks ass, one to create a record that won’t get the band any sort of recognition, but to create a smashing piece and yet still remain in obscurity? That’s just plain criminal, but a harsh reality that affects several talented acts. Let’s take Naudiz for example who can be considered no less than a gem in the underground.

In the world of black metal, there are absolutely multitudes of routes you can take. Atmospheric, old school, thrash-infused; the list just goes on for forever. What the Italians behind Naudiz decided to do was pretty simple: just a basic black metal sound that anybody that knows the genre can identify in an instant. However, while Naudiz didn’t exactly do anything brilliantly innovative or ground-breaking with their upcoming record of “Wulfasa Kunja”, it’s very clear that they know precisely what the fuck they’re doing. Every one of the eight tracks that we get with this sophomore effort get pulled together awesomely by wondrously chaotic riffs that are iconic of what Naudiz emulate with this record. The ferocity and the tenacity of what we’re given here for all of “Wulfasa Kunja” show that Naudiz does, indeed, has the drive and will to create a smashing record of black metal the likes of which can really stand out from the rest. This record truly sinks its already bloody fangs into your neck and drags you along for the whole length of the album, and all the while you’re headbanging along because the urge is simply too great. I

I can easily say that Naudiz will continue to go relatively unnoticed with the release of “Wulfasa Kunja”, but I can honestly say without question that anyone who goes out of their way and hears this record will find something that they can’t put down. This record is infectious, nasty, murderous, and a downright awesome piece that will absolutely be deemed a hidden gem amongst the black metal scene of the underground world upon its release.

“Wulfasa Kunja” releases on April 14th!

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