Fell Ruin – To the Concrete Drifts

ivr070_-_fell_ruin_to_the_concrete_drifts The apocalypse is something that humans have collectively looked towards, be it in fascination or fear, for as long as we pondered on our beginnings. Many wonder what it would look like, but thanks to music, we get bands that create pieces that could be considered the soundtrack of the very apocalypse itself. Not many can fit such a description, and Fell Ruin proves to be a band that has crafted the songs of the ending of the world.

The idea behind blackened doom metal is one that’s quite easy to wrap your head around: bring about death and unholiness is as crushing and unrelenting way possible. You need a slow burn to bring the doom portion, but you need that burn to have the heat of a thousand suns to properly bring that black metal. Fell Ruin clearly understands that and it’s displayed magnificently with their upcoming record of “To the Concrete Drifts. After coming off what was an acclaimed debut EP, Fell Ruin had a good bit to live up to with their first shot at a full-length record. I’ve naught but utter confidence to say that this American group absolutely fucking nailed it! Everything about “To the Concrete Drifts” is absolutely unnerving to the point of awesomeness. The spine-chilling vocals, crushing guitars whose rhythms are no less than spectacular, a bass that has a fantastic groove for the entire album, and drums that do not know the meaning of relent no matter what happens. All those elements collide to make “To the Concrete Drifts” one fucking hell of a record that packs an explosive punch but draws out the experience of this 5-track album to really make the experience last as long as possible. Several acts have mastered that process, but Fell Ruin are such a relatively new band that it’s stunning they’ve managed to bring their sound so far in only two records, and if that’s not interesting then I don’t fucking know what is.

There’s loads of promise to be had within the brains that are behind Fell Ruin, and you can really glimpse all of its glory in these five songs. “To the Concrete Drifts” is unforgiving, relentless, and a trip through the darkness that should be hailed as the beginning of a band that should, without doubt, gain a cult following. Such a refined yet raw power cannot be put down, and Fell Ruin show no signs of stopping after such a brilliant record.

“To the Concrete Drifts” releases on March 17th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to the track “Spy Fiction Folds In Ready Streets” on SoundCloud here.

LIKE Fell Ruin on Facebook here.


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