Antropomorphia – Sermon ov Wrath

antropomorphia_-_sermon_ov_wrath Some things in the world are just fine the way they are and don’t require any sort of altering. Simply because they’re perfect the way they are. Death metal is one of them. The core sound of the genre has felt unchanged for literal decades, and while it has it’s lesser moments I still find myself crawling back. I needed something super heavy and new to my ear holes, so Antropomorphia seemed too good to pass up. Thankfully, I was rewarded with something truly awesome.

I’ve always been a fan of taking my death metal about as intense as I could take it, which in the grand scheme of the genre isn’t as intense as it gets. I’ve never been (we’re about to get specific here) able to get into shit like brutal death or grind because it’s simply too much for me. But there’s always bands that have been drawing me closer to the line of raw madness. “Sermon ov Wrath” makes Antropomorphia the latest band to do such. This new record from this Dutch group is a monstrous beast that once you start listening to you won’t be able to stop. Unless you have a massive stick up your ass, that is. If the crushing brutality that Antropomorphia brings to the table, then perhaps the rhythms that are woven masterfully throughout “Sermon ov Wrath” will get you going. Antropomorphia has created an album whose power to make you headbang uncontrollably is simply staggering. It’s been quite a while before I’ve come across something as deliciously intense and infectious as “Sermon ov Wrath”, and hearing it playing over and over again is a bloody journey the likes I’ll gladly take several times over. “Sermon ov Wrath” is a true death metal marvel that shows the original sound and spirit of death metal is going wondrously strong, and Antropomorphia is easily at the forefront of the genre after releasing this monster of a record.

At first, I started listening to “Sermon ov Wrath” and liked the power that the band brought but felt the record was missing something, and after discovering the rhythms I quickly fell in the love with what was in front of me. Antropomorphia brings so much carnal energy and unbridled fury to this album that anyone who wants to know of the next great death metal album that we’re going to get, then you’re going to want to mark your calendars for this monumental record.

“Sermon ov Wrath” releases on February 24th via Metal Blade Records!

PRE-ORDER “Sermon ov Wrath” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 tracks from “Sermon ov Wrath” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Antropomorphia on Facebook here.


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