Insonus – Nemo Optavit Vivere

a3430206099_10 Black metal has always been one of my go-to places for whenever I want something that’s either intense in every single way, or calm with refined chaos sewn through it. However, I’ve never really been into DSBM as, even though it’s gotten my interest and attention, there aren’t many bands that truly gain my full attention with that style. Insonus stands as the first band in many months that’s been able to really draw me in with the style, and it’s not hard to see why.

Many people unjustly find debut records to be the only pieces that matter for every band. I think that’s horribly unfair because the band’s sound and quality are likely very dependent on how experienced the band members are at creating music. In the case of Insonus, the two members that make up the group have, from what I could find, very little to no experience with any other sort of musical project, but that’s doesn’t make their debut EP bad. In no way does it make “Nemo Optavit Vivere” less enjoyable, for Insonus has created a real meaty slab of DSBM that definitely does not disappoint. The four tracks that we’re given with this EP truly embody all of what the style is about from its depressive tone to having a sound that’s the exact essence of ultimate despair if naught else. Everything from the rhythms to the cover art itself conveys this truly bleak and desolate emotion where you can’t feel anything but this heavy sense of unease. It’s ever persistent and seeps out of every single note in all the songs. “Nemo Optavit Vivere” seems to have formed out of the darkness itself and taken a form that is no less than a plague upon the soul. In simpler terms, Insonus hit it out the fucking park with the record.

I am, honestly, sad to say that while this debut hasn’t completely made me turn a new leaf with DSBM, but it has shown me that yet again there’s so much talent to be had in the style. So many avenues and ideas that can be pulled off so well, and but a handful of them are found in “Nemo Optavit Vivere”. Insonus gets nothing but a thumbs up from me, and I’d be more than keen to hop into the darkness yet again if these Italians decide to return.

LISTEN to “Nemo Optavit Vivere” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Insonus on Facebook here.


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