Armored Saint – Carpe Noctum (Live)

armored_saint_-_carpe_noctum_live I’ve always absolutely adored live albums and what they’ve offered for millions of fans who are like me. By like me I mean don’t have a lot of money and can’t make it to shows. So we depend on live albums, and we’re fortunate that bands decide to do them so we can experience our favorites in our car or at the office. I’ve always wanted to go to a show featuring Armored Saint because I’ve heard great tales, and now we all can with “Carpe Noctum”.

Somehow it seems that bands that originated back all the way to the 80s have some of the greatest proficiency when it comes to creating quality heavy metal. Probably because that’s when the original flame of metal reigned supreme, but I find it criminal that great acts such as Armored Saint have gotten almost completely forgotten in the grand scheme of metal nowadays. It’s absolutely criminal! Thankfully, at the tail end of 2016, these Californians decided to bust out their second ever live album – “Carpe Noctum”. Before now, we all had to go back to a recording done all the way back in 1989 to hear Armored Saint live, but now with this 8-track record, we get a more modern experience the likes of which every fan of both Armored Saint and heavy metal, in general, should experience. “Carpe Noctum” really translates the power and energy that Armored Saint brings to their performance. There’s no padding between songs as Armored Saint truly is a band all about the action with the end of one song being almost instantly followed up by the next. It makes for a quick, fast-paced record that truly allows itself to feel like it has a pulse and breathes whenever it pleases, which is something not many live recordings can accomplish.

“Carpe Noctum” does everything right that a live record should. It breathes fantastic new life into a band that’s been going for over 30 years and shows that with age doesn’t mean you’ll decline in quality, but instead can still manage to bust out nothing but sheer excellence. And if we’re to take anything from “Carpe Noctum”, it’s that not only does Armored Saint deliver still in the studio, but they’re still masterful stage performers after all this time, and that’s something extremely cool to know.

LISTEN to “Carpe Noctum” on Bandcamp here.

BUY “Carpe Noctum” via iTunes here.

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FOLLOW Armored Saint on Twitter: @thearmoredsaint


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