King Woman – Created in the Image of Suffering

king-woman-created-in-the-image-of-suffering-album-cover-1500 There are so many fucking bands out there that try to take music to another plane when it comes down to putting your mind into an unprecedented state of euphoria. Several fail, miserably. However, there’s always a select group that soars above the rest. Typically, I think of bands like Inter Arma, Neurosis, and YOB for the latter, and now I’m adding King Woman to the list. “Why?” you may ask. My answer: why the fuck not?!

I’ve always been a firm believer of a good album needs an even better cover art, because that’s almost always the first thing that draws people in. I know it draws me in, and that’s certainly the case with King Woman’s debut full-length album. “Created in the Image of Suffering” is an excellent example of what it means to have a sound that has the proper balance of heaviness, groove, and psychedelia as a whole. Every single piece of the seven tracks of this record (not including the digital bonus) serves as a magnificent testament as to what goes behind the curtains with King Woman when it comes to creating such a unique sound that’s as entrancing as it is well done. And it’s not like all the songs are similar thus sounding almost the same. Instead, every single track has its own texture and flavor right along with a plane of reality completely to their own. That’s the massive scope that King Woman brought with “Created in the Image of Suffering”. This band brought an undeniable presence to the table with this debut that it’s simply the kind of thing that won’t leave your mind anytime soon. King Woman truly knows how to bring the power and how to use it correctly, and it’s on full glorious display here.

This isn’t the greatest debut I’ve ever heard in my life, and I’ve easily heard better kinds of records than this before, but I’ll be damned before I say that King Woman doesn’t do a massively impressive job. “Created in the Image of Suffering” was made with utmost skill and precision to create an experience the likes of which has been done before, but this rendition shows that King Woman means nothing but business!

“Created in the Image of Suffering” releases on February 24th!

PRE-ORDER “Created in the Image of Suffering” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 tracks from the album on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW King Woman on Twitter: @kngwmn

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