Manetheren – The End

front_manetheren The idea of a concept album is not an easy one, albeit something that many people find to be very interesting when put into the proper hands. However, like music in general, it’s not very often it’s actually put into capable hands, and in this instance, Manetheren has pulled off the feat swimmingly. It’s not often we see a black metal concept record such as “The End”, but when they do come along they should be treasured, and rightfully so.

The ending of the world as we know it . . . quite a lot of liberty can be taken when taking on anything when it has to deal with an apocalyptic scenario. If I were to have taken a random guess as to where Manetheren took such a theme with their upcoming record of “The End”, I never would have come even close to what it actually is. In this rendition of the apocalypse, “The End” follows a man as he goes about the world as the end draws ever closer, and each different track signifies a different event of the dying process which makes for a hell of a tale as you approach the conclusion. Yet, as the record continues, the main character becomes to  . . . morph into something much more than what he previously was. Is he a god, a demon, a creature that belongs to the void? We don’t really know, but as we get closer to this metamorphosis, you can hear the music change. It becomes deeper in both lyrical theme and sound to make “The End” a progressively heavier piece as time goes on to make it an ever-shifting record that never once stays still except for style points. And by the end of the record, you’ve gone through an epic journey that was so fucking tasty and so delicious for a record that embodies all things great about black metal while throwing in some atmosphere for good measure. Then you’ll be left sitting there wanting nothing but to hit that play button yet again.

To call this album perfect would be a grossly overestimated statement from me, but holy shit does Manatheren do a terrific job with this upcoming record in every single way. “The End” is a grand tale of the closing of the planet itself, and all six tracks of this record put to describe it in naught but the ultimate style that doesn’t cease to entertain.

“The End” releases on February 26th via Avantgarde Music!

LISTEN to the advance song of “The Ritual” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Manetheren on Facebook here.

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