Ex Deo – The Immortal Wars

697_exdeo_cmyk It’s so easy for a band to take something as well known as the Roman Empire and turn it into some form of music. It’s been a huge inspiration to musicians for centuries and still continues to this very day. Yet, the best style to ever encompass the Romans and their success at war has to be symphonic death metal. Before today, I’ve only known of the Italian band of Ade that’s managed to pull it off successfully, but now today I add Ex Deo to that niche group.

While Ade went full balls to the wall and took the brutality levels to the maximum with their debut album of “Cathargo Delenda Est” that perfectly smashed together intense death metal and aggressive symphonies, Ex Deo hold back a tad in terms of intensity with their upcoming record of “The Immortal Wars”. The eight tracks that make up this record, including one interlude, all come together to make it an aggressive sounding album that would go perfectly with a battle scene. You can feel the sheer magnitude that Ex Deo really bring to the table with “The Immortal Wars” and be it through the telling of how Carthage will not fall or the razing of Zama with powerful guitars and chaotic vocals that truly invoke the wrath of Mars to demonstrate how much blood is being shed as the lyrics go on. My only lament for “The Immortal Wars” is how there weren’t enough hooks to really keep you reeled in for most of the album, but if you manage to really listen to the record you’ll find yourself a very delicious piece that has plenty to offer. Ex Deo has created an album to embody what the Romans were truly remembered for above all else: their advanced warfare, and by Jupiter does Ex Deo deliver!

The niche style of symphonic death has had many bands take a crack at it and see what they can do, and I can easily say with nothing but pleasure that Ex Deo are one of the bands that have done a very nice job in the end. And while I can’t say that I’m in love with this record even after several listens, “The Immortal Wars” has a ton of potential and is sure to really capture the imaginations of anyone who wants music that’s all but fit for a battleground with the sound of death and clashing steel piercing the air.

“The Immortal Wars” releases on February 24th via Napalm Records! 

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