Ancient Tundra – All Light Has Since Escaped Me

a3198220240_10 A typical band has about three to five members in it. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re any sort of familiar with black metal then you know it’s absolutely riddled with one man bands. Ancient Tundra is one recently revived one man group, and from the name alone I’d expect top notch atmospheric black metal, and that’s exactly what we get with the band’s comeback single.

Is an album that only consists of one song still considered a single? I don’t know, that’s not my department, but seeing how “All Light Has Since Escaped Me” stretches over 10 minutes long, and while it’s miles from being the best piece of atmospheric black metal that I’ve heard it’s still quite a good listen nonetheless. Ancient Tundra really manages to create its own little universe where things constantly shift and turn to really create sensations that are really mint, to say the least. The most noticeable part for me had to of been the vocals which weren’t nearly as harsh as I thought they’d be, but they still worked magnificently well to make “All Light Has Since Escaped Me” as entertaining as it did. Seeing as how this is a song that’s been dormant since 2009, I’m surprised that Ancient Tundra was able to have confidence in that this song would serve as a good enough comeback all on its own, and after a single listen through it’s not hard to see why the man behind the name thought that.

There are so many fucking one man bands in the world of black metal that it’s impossible to keep up with it, but if you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled for any one man then you better add Ancient Tundra to your list. “All Light Has Since Escaped Me” is a very respectable song that really shows what Ancient Tundra can do, and what we can expect from the man with his hopefully soon to be released full-length album. I know I’m interested to see what he conjures up, and you should be, too.

LISTEN to “All Light Has Since Escaped Me” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ancient Tundra on Facebook here.

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