Flesh of the Stars – Anhilla

Print After going through all the shit of daily life and finally coming home, all I want is something to wind down to. People like me need something that reflects our mood and helps bring the day to a close peacefully. There’s plenty of bands to help me do that, and never would I have expected Flesh of the Stars would be added to that list. Granted, I’ve heard this band before with their debut, but they’ve come an extremely long way since 2015, and it’s truly something to behold.

I’ll be quick and short: in my personal life I’ve quite a bit going on, and like I said I always need something to wind me down that also reflects how I feel. Something melancholic, slow, and something that takes me on a euphoric trip through dimensions and through time. Flesh of the Stars would’ve been a far shot from my first answer, but holy fucking shit they do every single one of those things flawlessly with their upcoming third full-length record of “Anhilla”. However, this band has truly evolved their style in since their debut, “Hide”, from what could’ve been described as a stoner/horror style to a whole other level of music while still keeping the same core style. Flesh of the Stars sticks to their doom/stoner roots and make “Anhilla” a pretty slow burner of a record with almost every track longer than the previous, yet there’s so much more to “Anhilla”. It’s not all crunchy guitars and deep throated growls. The vast majority of this album consists of beautifully sewn together melodies from melancholic guitars, a slow-paced drum beat, and an overall sound that takes your consciousness out of your body and into a realm that few bands can give us access to. The riffage, solos, and amazing vocals all come together with “Anhilla” to make what I’ve nothing but utter confidence in calling the best record put out by Flesh of the Stars.

I’ve sunk at least five hours into this album . . . it takes quite an impressive piece to do that to me, but Flesh of the Stars has shown yet again that their talent can’t be ignored and that they absolutely should be heard. It’s not easy for any group ever out there to switch things up with their style and make the change seem so fluid and seamless, but that’s exactly what “Anhilla” is in its entirety. This is the magnum opus of Flesh of the Stars at this point, and if any one album is going to have me stand up without hesitation and have my full applause along with me calling it one of the best records that this year might throw at us then “Anhilla” is that album! Do NOT let this go unnoticed, for you will be taken to a place that you will love every moment of and you’ll want to be taken to over and over and over again.

“Anhilla” releases on February 14th!

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One thought on “Flesh of the Stars – Anhilla

  1. I too, have days where I need to slow it down and relax. The construction world with projects after projects take their toll and there is nothing better than passing out almost every night listening to Flesh of the stars. Their latest album is a fucking master piece and yet they are fairly unknown… That baffels me……

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