Voidthrone – Spiritual War Tactics

a3473024804_10 Some people just can’t rest at night until they’ve reached a certain point of intensity with their music, and I’m easily one of them. Some prefer to soak in all things grind to get their fix while others lean towards some brutal death metal to see the flames they crave, but I’m a bit of simpler man and desire some blackened death. I haven’t found any truly noteworthy pieces for quite some time, but Voidthrone has now come along and shown me the glorious darkness yet again.

The northern regions of North America have always been a fantastic breeding ground for all things black metal given the various bleak environments across its entire scope be it the freezing cold, soaking downpours of rain, or the bleak plains of places like Montana. In the case of Voidthrone, they hail from the American northwest where it always seems to be raining, and you can really feel that bleak atmosphere leak through every second of their debut album of “Spiritual War Tactics”. All 33 minutes of this record are exactly what the witch doctor order as Voidthrone truly understands what it means to be a blackened death band one hundred percent with this album, and Voidthrone uses every moment to their advantage. With their first three tracks going well over nine minutes and the finale going just under six, “Spiritual War Tactics” contains meaty pieces that really know how to constantly deliver over and over again, never letting you be calm for even a second before throwing you back into the hell blaze. The only thing I have with this record is how there’s not a lot of actual diversity in terms of sound or style, but I’ll be damned before I say that made “Spiritual War Tactics” any less entertaining.

By no means has Voidthrone completely blown my socks off or made me think they’re the best thing to come from the blackened death scene in a long time, but it’s hard to ignore the magnitude and power that they brought with this debut. “Spiritual War Tactics” has loads of promise within its chaos, and is proof that Voidthrone should, without a doubt, have something stirring on the back burner, and that’s the kind of shit that I’d stand in line for. I can feel it.

LISTEN to “Spiritual War Tactics” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Voidthrone on Facebook here.


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