My Sleeping Karma – Mela Ananda (Live)

702_msk_rgb There are some bands that we all look forward to hearing new shit from. Whether it be black metal fans wanting to hear a new piece from someone like Darkthrone, or death metal fans getting all excited over new Cannibal Corpse, we all have something. And while both of those examples apply to me, the rock band I always look forward to the most is My Sleeping Karma who is at the forefront of the global scene of their unique style, and now us peasants can practically know what it’s like to be right in front of them on stage.

For the unaware, My Sleeping Karma goes with the rare and ever intriguing style of instrumental psychedelic rock. Specific, isn’t it? Well, this German group has been pulling it off masterfully for over ten years now. Ten fucking years. That’s quite a feat, and that’s not even including the fact that almost every two years My Sleeping Karma pumps out a new record (bar the space of 3 years between their fourth and fifth records). So, what other appropriate celebration than the band’s first live album? I can’t think of any other and “Mela Ananda” is the perfection way to send off to hopefully yet another 10 years of fantastic rock. Translated to “a gathering of bliss”, this album perfectly captures the spirit of the music of My Sleeping Karma and what it means to be a performance at your local joint as opposed to some giant fucking stadium (which is still awesome). We get ten tracks from all over the band’s career with “Mela Ananda” to give us an hour plus long album that is the epitome of what we could possibly ever get for a live album from an instrumental group. In every single track you can really feel the energy flow from the instruments, circulate and build up within the audience members, feel the build up in the mind-bending brilliance of My Sleeping Karma, and feel nothing but ecstasy as you clap along with the crowd at the dying note of each track. My absolute favorite part, however, has to be how every second of the music from “Mela Ananda” sounds almost identical to the studio versions of the songs, meaning that My Sleeping Karma doesn’t use much bullshit studio magic to make their music awesome – no, everything is pure 100% German awesomeness through and through.

I’ve dumped a good three hours minimum today experiencing “Mela Ananda” in full for two reasons: (1) it’s simply a great collection of some of My Sleeping Karma’s best hits to come out of their spectacular discography, and (2) because since I live in America I’m not able to travel to all of their tour that they do in Europe making me want to move there even more. “Mela Ananda” is a fantastic time as a live album, but the fact that it signifies a decade of ridiculously good rock music makes it all the more beloved in my eyes. This record stands as yet one more reason why My Sleeping Karma has a very devout following for multiple reasons, and that following is sure to only grow if we continue to get experiences like “Mela Ananda” in the future!

“Mela Ananda” releases on February 24th via Napalm Records!

PRE-ORDER “Mela Ananda” via iTunes here.

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