Horn – Turm am Hang

cover-1 I’ve always heard whispers here and there about this band called Horn over the past year or so when researching black metal to listen to. Never getting around to listen to the band before, I figured the brand new release of “Turm am Hang” would be a perfect place to start. Luckily, this is just the type of album that I’ve been looking for as it’s a brilliant amalgamation of so many styles, yet still predominately black metal.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s just refer to “Turm am Hang” as a black metal album, but do not let that lead you astray as there is so much more to this wonderful record than just those two words. All of the nine tracks that make up this album, including the one cover song, have their own flavor and character to them that not a single song sounds like another and each one continues to impress no matter how it starts off. And like I said, Horn is made up of a little of different styles and they’re all shown beautifully well with “Turm am Hang”. Almost always in the spotlight we have black metal that’s done pretty well even though a tad unorthodox from what we typically imagine, but worked right in with it are elements of both doom and death metal that come out in the strings and the vocals respectively, giving “Turm am Hang” a truly unique sound and texture throughout its entirety. There’s not a single fucking dull moment that Horn manages to dish out as each and every moment that leaks out of this one man band out of Germany simply oozes with talent and does not disappoint all the way from the humble beginning to the dying note of a wonderful cover song.

It’s not often we get a band that likes to think outside of the box like Horn, but when they do come along there’s always a small group of people that realize the talent and thus spread the word like I’m doing. Horn is a brilliant fucking act that comes from the mind of one man alone, and he clearly knows what he’s fucking doing. “Turm am Hang” is a spectacular record that never lets down, always raises its own bar, and is ceaselessly entertaining.

LISTEN to “Turm am Hang” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Horn on Facebook here.


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