The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy

a3803423324_10 I love watching bands as they grow to become a phenomenon that many people enjoy very much simply because it’s awesome to see a great band get the recognition that it so rightfully deserves. The most recent band to achieve that is The Great Old Ones whose blend of a Lovecraftian theme and unparalleled black metal make for a fucking ridiculous sound. And of all their past records, it all comes to a peak with this one.

It’s not very hard to take a concept such as your generic every day Cthulu and put it into a metal format simply because it’s been done for decades and every band from Metallica to lesser known groups like Swampcult have made a name for all things Lovecraft. However, it’s bands like The Great Old Ones that take it all to great new heights, but then it’s records like “EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy” that blows everything we’ve ever known about the specific topic of Lovecraftian black metal straight out of the fucking water. Imagine overwhelming intensity paired magnificently with musicianship the likes of which you have to actively search for to see it often, otherwise, you’ll rarely ever see it. That’s what “A Tale of Dark Legacy” is in all of its 44 minutes. All eight tracks have a fucking ridiculous sound to them that should you just want to smash the entire record in one go then you better be prepared to hear arguably the best black metal record this year at pumped out so far. Everything about what The Great Old Ones has done with this record is nothing less than pure awesomeness as they’ve not only made an absolute beast of a black metal album, they’ve also hit the nail right on the head for what it means to create a cohesive album that has tracks that flow into one another and compliment one right after the next spectacularly well.\

To call this record a masterpiece would be a bit of an overstatement in my eyes, but holy fuck does it come super close to being called such! It’s got the riffs, the power, the diversity, and the brilliance that makes every great album great, and The Great Old Ones demonstrate each and every one in every single track. And no matter what way you look at it, “EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy” is a magnificent record that did everything right in every single way. If anyone has ever had any doubts about The Great Old Ones before and wondered whether or not they were just some fad that’d soon die out, they’ve been proven wrong a million times over with this brilliant piece.

LISTEN to “EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy” on Bandcamp here.

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