Mesarthim – Type III

cover Anyone who takes half a glance at the atmospheric black metal scene on Bandcamp knows for a fact that Mesarthim reigns over the entire kingdom right alongside Saor, and there are several reasons for that. Namely, Mesarthim just seems to always get better with each release they pump out. 2016 saw this act release a total of five releases (one full-length, four EPs), and they got better as the year came closer to the end. As the final record from the year, “Type III” easily lived up to the band’s reputation.

Back in December, Mesarthim put out the 21-minute one song EP of “The Great Filter” and blew everyone’s fucking mind, mine included. It was something we hadn’t seen Mesarthim attempt at before. Little did we know, the duo was not sitting down and kicking up their feet to celebrate yet another successful album – no! Instead, a scant nine days after the release of “The Great Filter”, Mesarthim put out “Type III”: another one song EP that goes for quite a bit of time (just shy of 19 minutes this time). This record seems so much more . . . composed than it’s immediate predecessor. While the two one-song EPs have very much in common, “The Great Filter” had a lot more ups and downs combined with a lot more intensity, “Type III” feels like it has so many more moving parts to it. Granted,  this EP still has Mesarthim’s aggression and masterful skill at their brand of metal prevalent through the whole record. yet combined with various synths and orchestral instruments . . . it makes for a grand experience that we’ve never seen from Mesarthim before. I believe that’s because after the release of their last full-length of “Absence” (I don’t feel like dropping the proper Morse code title) this band had a switch flip in their brains, the switch that allowed them to evolve to the next level as a band to show what they can really fucking do after impressing several times before. The result happened to be “Type III” and it’s co-release that both do no less than earn full applause from start to finish.

So much diversity and brilliance in one track isn’t something we get often, but Mesarthim has shown that they can’t do it just once but twice, and it really makes you wonder what else these Australians can do. It’s a literal guess at what they will do next in this new year. “Type III” stands as a glorious testament that Mesarthim isn’t to underestimated or thought of as a fade, for it’s got more quality and talent than some groups who’ve been going for fucking decades. Should you have never heard Mesarthim before and want a nice place to start, “Type III” is as good as any place to start with such a glorious discography that is still constantly growing.

BUY/LISTEN to “Type III” on Bandcamp here.

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