Black Faith – Nightscapes

a0333853074_10 I find it pretty neat that nowadays you can find so many different types of black metal that it’s just simply ridiculous at a number of different sounds have been created over the decades and the places discovered in doing so. But there’s never anything wrong with going back to the basics, and I like it when bands try it but I love it when they succeed. Black Faith is one such band that has succeeded in doing so, and it’s a mighty fine homage to classic black metal if nothing else.

If you’re expecting me to call this band another clone of Burzum or fucking Darkthrone or any other titanic band of black metal comes to your mind, then stop right now because I fucking hate calling newer bands a clone of any classic groups. And that definitely applies to Black Faith. They’ve clearly taken plenty of influences from the early days of the genre because amongst stylish intensity that is “Nightscapes”, Black Faith accomplishes the fairly daunting task of weaving brilliant little bits of atmosphere into the mix that really helps take the record to the next level. All eleven tracks of “Nightscapes” make for a very well put together album that, while not the greatest fit for my personal taste, rips from the very beginning to it’s very ominous seven and a half minute closer. Black Faith shows their skill to keep you pulled in as most of the songs off “Nightscapes” stretch well over five minutes long, and each track having its own heartbeat and flavor that keep the album entertaining all throughout its run. The only thing Black Faith could’ve done “better” in my eyes is if they threw in just a few more riffs here and there to really grab your attention, but the final mix of “Nightscapes” is still nothing to scoff at no matter what angle I look at it from.

Anyone who says that the original flame of black metal has died out or gone plenty out in recent times is truly unfortunate, for that means they have no idea of the existence of bands like Black Faith who are easily keeping the old blaze going with a fiery passion (get it?). “Nightscapes” is a very nice sophomore record that shows Black Faith truly do know what they want to do, they know how to do it, and they know how to deliver it in a way that’s no less than absolutely delicious. I can easily find myself coming back to these Italians every now and then.

LISTEN to “Nightscapes” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Black Faith on Facebook here.


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