Asofy – Nessun Luogo

cover I’ve always been fascinated by the realm of atmospheric black metal simply because of how many routes the style varying about who’s hands it’s put into. Lately, I’ve been on a search for more atmospheric than metal because I’ve never been able to get into a pure ambient record, but I wanted to try. In my search, I came across a name: Asofy. Been some time since I heard it, but the universe made me come back to this band, so I promptly investigated. Let me just say that this is truly something else.

Now, let me get something straight. If you’ve used your eyes and noticed that I’ve let out calling Asofy’s upcoming piece, “Nessun Luogo”, metal in any sort. That’s simply because what Asofy has created here isn’t metal. It’s not rock, pop, techno; nothing that any modern genre classification can fully suit. “Nessun Luogo” is an atmospheric piece that I tagged as black only because there’s this subtle hostility in the mix of the record that’s like a presence in the dark: you feel it there, but it’s just faint enough to where you can’t get a solid lock on it or where it’s coming from. That feeling persists through all of the nine tracks that make up “Nessun Luogo”, and they truly do make for a hell of an experience. This album is an absolute roller-coaster that constantly takes you to new places in this melancholic universe that Asofy seems to weave without effort. The album’s cover art is really ambiguous, as you can tell, as I’ve no fucking clue what Asofy was going for with it outside of slapping their logo right in the center, but it does a real nice job at reflecting the darkness and almost abstract nature that we get with “Nessun Luogo”. Then there’s the fact that there are real instruments on this album (guitars, bass, drums; all that good stuff), and they make all the create experience that “Nessun Luogo” weaves for us, but there are vocals, though. They’re just way in the back, most likely indecipherable, but that’s perfect because it just adds to the already brilliant and weird nature that is this record.

For anyone who’s been wanting to find then next oddball album that can really create something special, then this is precisely what you need. Asofy has made a very atmospheric piece that really transcends classifications and just lets the music do 100% of the talking, and that’s a very sweet thing if you’re anything like me. “Nessun Luogo” gets two thumbs up from me and is something that I highly recommend to anyone looking for that piece to kick back and drift off to.

“Nessun Luogo” releases on February 22nd via Avantgarde Music!

LISTEN to 2 tracks from “Nessun Luogo” on Bandcamp here.

Asofy doesn’t have any sort of social media links (no FB, Twitter, MySpace; nothing!), so keep your eyes peeled for news considering the band on the official Facebook page of Avantgarde Music.


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