Degotten – Hexentrost

a0148940022_10 Some things are just meant to go together. Peanut butter and jelly, beer and wings, and many others, but as metal fans, we find more excitement than any other kind of music fan when it comes to combining metal styles. Stoner doom is one of the best examples that I can think of, but we all know that there’s much more . . . extreme combinations out there and my personal favorite is blackened thrash metal. Want an example? Well, let’s take Degotten’s brand fucking new piece of “Hexentrost” for example.

It’s always a fantastic thing for me to witness a band at least attempt to blend an older metal sound together with a more modern metal texture because that means the band in question is at least attempting to be a little different while still respecting the old and the new, which is precisely what seems to be the case with “Hexentrost”. All nine tracks of this awesome record are what I mentioned earlier (blackened thrash, in case you weren’t reading with your eyes) and while it’s not the best of its kind, I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say how much enjoyment out got out of what Degotten has made. “Hexentrost” is a great display of elements of black metal like the vocals and overall sound of the music itself and bits of thrash, particularly in the speed of record, coming together to form a fiery piece of magnificence that you’ll need to equip sunglasses in order to behold all of its glory. Should you want blistering speed right alongside themes that are all but blasphemous that are pulled off magnificently well, and even the first song of “Hexentrost” demonstrates all of that perfectly. A record that takes a style that’s been done for years but manages to make it feel fresh and extremely fun at the same time is just what the metal kingdom needs and Degotten have shown that they can deliver exactly that with “Hexentrost”.

Blackened thrash metal has, like I previously said, been one of my favorite hybrid genres in all of the metal world simply because of how raw and fast it can be in every single circumstance, and that’s precisely what we need every now and then! Degotten has been at the game for a far while and so has had plenty of time to get their style down, and it’s “Hexentrost” that proves they know exactly what they’re fucking doing and it’s oh so tasty with each and every second.

LISTEN to “Hexentrost” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Degotten on Facebook here.


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