Revelations of Rain – Akrasia

a0905058290_10 I’m the kind of guy that’s a fan of both brute force approach and the more laid back and methodic way of laying down metal. A few styles of metal come to my mind when I think of both of those, but none come to my mind quicker than doom metal which has absolute throngs of bands that can take both styles and weave something phenomenal out of them both. Let’s take Revelations of Rain, for example, who have been at the game for quite some time now.

It’s enough of a challenge to try and perform one of the two aforementioned styles as each can easily have an absolutely ridiculous result when put in the right hands, but when a band comes along that attempts both and succeeds wondrously is the kind of shit that people like me live for. It was previously unbeknownst to me of the very existence of Revelations of Rain, but thanks to knowing the right people with similar taste in music I was able to discover “Akrasia” and it’s just nothing short of fucking splendid. The entire hour long experience of this 8-track album is overflowing with crunchy riffs, atmospheric rhythms that really tickle your senses, and a presence that one cannot ignore even if it’s on an extremely casual listen. “Akrasia” is the very definition of a roller-coaster album that can easily flip from being fucking crushing to completely atmospheric. That really helps each song sound more fresh than the last, more entertaining with each listen, and so fucking dynamic that you can’t help but appreciate the notion. Revelations of Rain has proven to be a real master at making a truly gripping and thrilling record that is something that can be heard by many metal heads out there with absolute ease, and that’s a feat very little bands can accomplish nowadays, but this Russian group does it with absolute grace.

To call this record the kind of thing that has to be heard twice to truly experience would be a bit of an understatement, for even after a double spin I still had to listen to this to fully grasp it but goddamn was each and every spin fucking entertaining! “Akrasia” is an album that just keeps on giving from its crushing intensity to beautiful atmosphere that’s extremely well-crafted if nothing else.

LISTEN to “Akrasia” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Revelations of Rain on Facebook here.


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