Thunder and Lightning – The Ages Will Turn

thunder-and-lightning-tawt_coverartwork With me doing what I do with these reviews and always coming across all sorts of different veins of metal that are too many to list, I find it extremely important to always come back to the original style every now and then for a bit of a refresher of the original sound. Plenty of bands are out there who feel they’re up to the challenge to do it correctly, but only some can truly deliver. Thunder and Lightning have proven to be one such band, and with this new album, they only prove it more.

It’s always an amazing thing for me to see a band go from something that has plenty of potential to something that shows real talent and mastery over what the band is going for. With Thunder and Lightning, these Germans have shown that they can really play some solid heavy metal the likes of which we’ve all seen and heard before, but these guys make it so much more memorable like it always should be. Each track of their latest record, “The Ages Will Turn”, all have brilliantly paced melodies right alongside an amazingly smooth sound that’s made up of both the vocals, flow of the lyrics, and the very sound of the whole band itself, which is a thing that not many bands can do. Thunder and Lightning seemed to have proven with “The Ages Will Turn” that with time does come excellence for that’s precisely what this record is from is epic beginning to its seven-minute finale. They’ve simply done every single fucking thing that they could’ve done right with this record, even including Máté Bodor (guitarist of Alestorm) onto the fucking album as if they needed to earn my love more! There are very little more words for me to describe how badass and grand “The Ages Will Turn” is as a whole simply because it’s just one of those albums that you have to listen to in order to fully grasp what I’m trying to tell you, and believe me when I say that it’s absolutely worth investigating!

The global scene of the original heavy metal vein has by no means whatsoever gone down in recent years or has been lacking in exceptional bands, but there just seems to be fewer bands that really stand out amongst the rest. Luckily, we get bands like Thunder and Lightning whose power and badassery always seem to light up the scene itself whenever they put out a new record. “The Ages Will Turn” is a very refined album that is absolutely worth checking out should you want the next heavy metal piece that is sure to blow you away.

LISTEN to “The Ages Will Turn” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Thunder and Lightning on Twitter: @tnlmetal


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