Eldamar / Dreams of Nature – split

a3349517484_10 I’ve always made it clear that if you’re a metal fan and go on to the glorious site of Bandcamp, you will find our world absolutely dominated by atmospheric black metal, and I find that to be quite alright as I’m almost always up for that kind of shit. And while there’s plenty of massive acts out there, it’s good for one to look for more up and coming groups, and that’s what I set out for today. Luckily, I stumbled upon both Eldamar and Dreams of Nature who have conveniently just released a tantalizing split!

If an album is going to have as beautiful of a cover art as that then you can be damned sure I’m going to investigate that piece. I’ve heard of both Eldamar and Dreams of Nature in recent months from individual friends of mine, but never actually took the time to check them out. If you still haven’t checked out these two bands, then this split is the absolute perfect place to start I’ll tell you what. This split is an excellent example of what can be done in the realm of atmospheric black metal that is still very populated to this day but has yet to see a decline in quality or talent from different artists from all over the world. What we get with this little piece are but two tracks, one from each band, and both show very nicely the strength of each group. Eldamar is up first and really put you back into the flow of nature itself, and isn’t afraid to show you its wrathful side in the form of awesome vocals and beautiful workmanship of the instruments. Then comes in Dreams of Nature with the slightly more subdued approach as the band shows how grandiose and beautiful by uses some light symphonies to really make the song flow like the very wind itself. While the second song doesn’t have nearly as much malice as the first, each tracks wondrously hold their ground on their own and show the sheer skill and talent that’s behind both of these stand-out acts.

While this split didn’t exactly make me shit my pants or make me want to toss money my computer screen, it still beautifully showed the talent behind these two bands, and that’s basically what a split is for, isn’t it? Both Eldamar and Dreams of Nature have proven with this release that they’re both extremely capable of themselves and can make some truly interested atmospheric black metal, and I know for a fact that many others already agree with me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to catch up on these two.

LISTEN to the split on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eldamar on Facebook here.

LIKE Dreams of Nature on Facebook here.


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