Demonic Resurrection – Dashavatar

demonic_resurrection_-_dashavatar_2017 The music genre of metal has always been a great educator with the topics of history and mythology being very evident with bands like Sabaton making it work phenomenally well. Though, at this point, when its comes to the mythos in metal we’ve all heard of the Greek gods, Roman myths, blood shed by Vikings and their gory deities, but what about the more “unknown” gods from places like India? It’s bands like Demonic Resurrection that answer those questions for us, and “Dashavatar” is a perfect response to such a good question.

Lord Vishnu, the god of preservation in Indian mythology, basically holds up the universe itself and there is a total of ten avatars or incarnations of the god, all of which being animals like a boar or different types of people such as a teacher. To bring together so much information about ten different yet similar deities then transforming that into a black/death metal album then weaving some sick symphonies into the mix is one hefty task, yet Demonic Resurrection more than hits the nail on the head with “Dashavatar”. The ten tracks on this record, one for each avatar, is a fucking glorious display of what it means to be one of the longest running bands in all of India, as with this being the fifth record from Demonic Resurrection this band had to show the fire they had since before their debut has yet to dim, and goddamn do they deliver here! Everything comes together in an amazingly epic way that really captures the grandeur of the myth itself, and in the end really shows the diversity of Vishnu himself and his many faces while at the same time not skimping in terms of brutality or even dynamics with their metal. Every bit of “Dashavatar” is a crushing, unrelenting, and fucking awesome trip that if you want to get into any sort of Indian metal, then Demonic Resurrection absolutely has to be one of the very first stops you make. This record is every bit as wondrous as its theme, and I’ll be fucked if I say I didn’t enjoy it.

It’s pretty common with albums like this that a band will talk about multiple gods, but somehow Demonic Resurrection has made a whole ten tracks about one god, albeit with a tad bit of cheating but that’s not the point! The point is that “Dashavatar” kicks fucking ass with the first track alone, and once you venture past that intro you’re treating to something that’s quite special, indeed, and is a trip that you will constantly be taking. I know I’ll be taking that ride for quite some time.

“Dashavatar” releases on March 15th!

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