Howling Giant – Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 1

a3022924991_10 We all need to be taken to a place. That place varies for every and every single person. One of the very few trains to this place is music, but it’s gotta be the right train otherwise, you might be taken to any place that isn’t the place. Where I’m talking about is somewhere that you can sit in for forever and just lose yourself. It’s been a while since a band took me there, but thankfully I found Howling Giant and their brand of stoner rock is the kind that is like no other . . .

This album has but four tracks to it and with the cover art I wasn’t expecting a whole hell of a lot, but “Black Hole Space Wizard” has so much excellence and magnificence for contents that even after several spins of the record I still can’t get over how good this album is. To call this album a damn near perfect stoner rock piece is something that I’m very tempted to say, and after listening to the first song it’s not hard to see why I say that. “Black Hole Space Wizard” is a very good example of what happens when you mold so many different veins of rock together and they all fucking work together in an unbelievable manner! It truly has everything you could ever possibly want out of a record such as this with fuzzy riffs sewn throughout every track and a magnificent sound that only a hand full of bands can replicate correctly. For me, it all culminates in the final track of “Clouds of Smoke” where both the album and Howling Giant come to a peak that is higher than I ever expected before hearing it. Even after the many, many spins of “Black Hole Space Wizard” that I’ve done in the last two days alone are fucking ridiculous, and I can tell you right now that if you’ve been meaning to find new music that goes perfect with a summer drive or a cold beer on a glorious day, this is the record that you will want to investigate.

That paragraph you just finished reading (or totally skipped over, fuckin’ whatever) was extremely hard for me to create because it was so fucking difficult to encapsulate how much of a fucking trip this record is. If there is to be a Part 2 to “Black Hole Space Wizard” then consider my pants shat and my wallet thrown at my monitor because I’d pay so much money for that shit. Howling Giant has created something monumental, and I know many people will and already have agreed with me on this one, for this band truly deserves all the support they can get.

LISTEN to “Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 1” on Bandcamp here.

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