Illimitable Dolor – s/t

albumartwork1 Alright, we’re going to have a bit of a sit down here, kids. Now, as well all know, metal has this reputation for being just a little bit slightly angry and murderous, and that’s not wrong. But we know that there’s plenty of acts out there that take the emotional route and really cut to our core. That’s what Illimitable Dolor revolve around, and like many bands and albums, this debut was centered around a particular circumstance. Unfortunately, this circumstance was death.

The death of any friend is always a tragic one, I feel like we can all relate to that. For frontman, keys man, and guitarist for Illimitable Dolor, Stuart Prickett, that loss of his dear friend Greg Williamson (vocalist for The Slow Death) led to him creating that material that would become this debut album. Now, imagine what a man could do in his time alone with nothing but his thoughts in a deep depression. What style of metal could come of that? Sticking with the emotive motivation, Illimitable Dolor took that route of a doom band that incorporates atmospheric elements alongside death metal to create an album that is equal parts heavy handed and fucking awesome all around. The four songs on this record all reach well beyond nine minutes (most going past twelve), and every single one of them has that otherworldly feel to them. And with everything from the crushing guitars, slow pace, and lyrics deeper than any abyss, Illimitable Dolor is something that cannot and will not go unnoticed by anyone who hears it. For the maximum effect to take hold, you need to equip a decent headset, lay back, play this record, and close your eyes to just fall into the void of sorrow that Illimitable Dolor has gored out of the universe itself. An album that goes over forty minutes in length and is a foreboding yet well worth venture through the dark is exactly what everyone needs to hear every now and then, and this debut is precisely what everyone needs.

After hearing about what the motivation behind the initial inception of Illimitable Dolor, the record took on a completely different meaning and level of depth that just connects with the soul more than anything. Illimitable Dolor has made a marvelously immaculate debut that has absolutely left its mark on me, and I’m positive in saying that any person who wants to experience this beautifully grim album will only have one thing to say: “please, sir, I want some more”.

“Illimitable Dolor” releases on March 22nd via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to 2 tracks off the record on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Illimitable Dolor on Facebook here.


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