The Mantle – s/t

a2904472058_10 I’ve always been a massive fan of bands and music trying to take things to bigger and more awesome heights as the years go on. But the question has always persisted: where do you stop? I don’t think anyone knows the answer, or ever will, but it’s still nice to see new bands constantly come out that try to push the boundaries as much as they can. The newest to come to my attention is The Mantle who’s self-titled debut album puts the very “progressive” into progressive metal.

Fun fact: the guitarist for The Mantle is actually the son of Kenny G, famous saxophonist, and if you’re anything like me that doesn’t mean shit because someone’s kid can’t ride on the success of their parents forever. So, does that man and his two equally talented bandmates hold up with The Mantle? Fuck yeah, they do! Starting with such a colorful and fun cover art, The Mantle instantly shows that they know how to pull off fantastic progressive metal that isn’t only massively entertaining, but really shows how dynamic and fun instrumental bands can get if you’ve ever had that sort of doubt. That’s right – this record is instrumental, which is one of the things that made me gravitate towards it. The eight tracks that The Mantle throws down for us really are the cream of the crop for what we can get when people decide to throw away the idea of a singer and let the strings and beats do all the talking needed, and I honestly believe that adding a vocalist to The Mantle would only damage the quality of this album. It’s pieces like the first and last tracks (the latter being over 12 minutes long!) that really show what skill and talent The Mantle has, and if anyone out there should want a real, true proper start off to 2017 with a brand fucking new band and album then this is exactly where you’re going to want to start.

This was an honest album that I stumbled upon that I just happened to see and happened to like the cover art when I flicked on Bandcamp for maybe eight seconds. Thankfully, I was smart enough to take a listen and holy shit am I happy with what I found. The Mantle is a real testament to the excellence that can be created with instrumental, metal or otherwise, and after this massively awesome debut I can easily say that you can be I’ll be coming back to The Mantle in the future when I need my fix for instrumental pieces that absolutely fucking shred all over the damned place.

LISTEN to “The Mantle” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

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FOLLOW The Mantle on Twitter: @themantleband


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