In Thousand Lakes – Age of Decay

in_thousand_lakes_-_age_of_decay In Madrid, Spain there’s this label known as Xtreem Music. The label, if you can’t tell by its name alone, deals with some of the most underground bands that actually have talent from all over the world, and I love to keep track of what they’re doing because they helped me discover personal favorites like Itnuveth and Azooma. But when you’ve come to regard a label as only dealing with death, grind, black, gore, and other extreme kinds of metal, seeing a melo-death release kind of turned my head. Upon investigation, it’s not hard to see why Xtreem was so interested with In Thousand Lakes, and their upcoming album shows why.

Given my experience with the label’s roster, I was expecting In Thousand Lakes to be on brutality levels pretty similar to what Cattle Decapitation’s latest record was like, but instead with “Age of Decay” we get a palette of melo-death that I personally find not very special in terms of having a sound that sets it apart from others, but holy shit does it fucking rock! The eleven tracks that make up this album truly don’t waste a single moment as right from the get-go In Thousand Lakes is already in the fray and pounding our very existence into dust. What has to be my favorite part about “Age of Decay” has to be how not a single track stretches over five minutes in length. Typically, I’m alright with a band making longer songs, but In Thousand Lakes has a speed and power that really just fits their decision to keep their songs no longer than four and a half minutes long, but with the shortest keeping it very stylish and settling at just under three minutes. Everything about “Age of Decay” screams excellence, literally and figuratively. From its phenomenal sense of pacing to excellent rhythms that don’t let up to the overall quality of all of what In Thousand Lakes has created just makes this record a real treat to anyone who’s been looking for a good tasty melodic death metal piece.

If I could legally show you all this record right now, I’d just throw the link at you yelling at everyone to listen to it because it’s just that kind of record. It’s the kind that makes you want to tell everyone everywhere about it simply because of how good it is, especially well beyond that first spin. I was very curious when I saw a melo-death record be coming through Xtreem Music, and I’m so glad I took the time to investigate. In Thousand Lakes really impresses with “Age of Decay” and is something that I’ll absolutely be crawling back to over and over again.

“Age of Decay” releases on February 20th!

LISTEN to 2 tracks off “Age of Decay” on Bandcamp here.

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