Todesstoß – Ebne Graun

ivr069_todesstoss_ebne_graun All of us who are active searchers of new bands and new albums to constantly shove into our ear holes eventually realize we keep coming back to certain record labels simply because they know how to put out stellar releases every time. For me, one such label is I, Voidhanger Records and they know exactly what they’re fucking doing. Need proof? Then let’s look at the upcoming Todesstoß record which is just the hefty chunk of metal.

Now, I just used the word “metal” to describe Todesstoß’s upcoming “Ebne Graun”, and I meant that in the loosest way possible mainly because that’s the only way I can somehow condense this piece into one word. What “Ebne Graun” is, in reality, is something that’s both immensely astonishing because of how rare of a thing it is yet it’s also very formidable when it comes to its contents. This album has but one track to its name, but the whole of “Ebne Graun” is over 46 fucking minutes long! That makes Todesstoß one of the very few bands in metal from all across the world that has dared to take on such a challenge, and these Germans pulled it off horrifyingly well. “Ebne Graun” is also many, many things as it can go from unsettling to downright fucking scary in the blink of an eye, and the fact that there’s so much movement and slithering going on within the record makes the unnerving sound of Todesstoß seem all the more intriguing. It’s a true phenomenon, “Ebne Graun”. It’s the kind of album that almost seems like it has a pulse – a will, even – and it’s constantly pressing against you, filling your mind with dark thoughts that both draw you farther into its own little abyss and make you terrified of what else is to come. It’s got all you could want out of an extremely dissonant album and will never cease to crawl under your skin, festering inside until you claw it out only for it to bore even deeper in, and if that isn’t the sign of a good album in its own unique way then I don’t know what is.

And all things considered, Todesstoß has created a unique kind of album in many different ways, and if Todesstoß already wasn’t already a band with a cult following after so many years, then it’ll be this album that flings them into the spotlight of the very dark end of metal that isn’t visited very often. “Ebne Graun” is a very dark experience that should you want to go on a trip that’s terrifying yet oh so delicious at the same time then this is exactly what you fucking need.

“Ebne Graun” releases on February 3rd!

LISTEN to “Ebne Graun” early on Bandcamp here.

LIKE (the unofficial page of) Todesstoss on Facebook here.


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