Xandria – Theater of Dimensions

698_xandria_cmyk Everyone has so many different ideas when it comes to creating new and unique types of music that even when you constantly sift through them, it’s hard to keep up. Yet for me, the most unique type of music has to be symphonic metal since it takes two styles of music that are polar opposites of each other. Nonetheless, there are select bands out there that have absolute mastery over the subgenre, and none are perhaps more revered and celebrated than Xandria, and that will only continue to be true with this upcoming masterpiece.

If someone were to have walked up to me this morning and tell me that when I sat down in front of my monitor tonight that I’d hear what is easily the best symphonic metal record I’ve heard in my entire life, I’d probably just stare at the bastard and wonder what compelled him to say. And if that happened, I’d finally believe in psychics and mediums because Xandria’s upcoming record of “Theater of Dimensions” is a fucking monstrous record that even the most casual fans of metal should experience should they want a taste of what they’re fucking missing. And I’ll be honest with you, at first with the intro song I was put off a little because the first track is easily the least memorable in my opinion, but from the second song onwards is a marvelous beauty that goes by the name of “Theater of Dimensions”. The entirety of this record clocks in over 70 fucking minutes of masterfully done symphonic metal (not the deluxe version that’s on iTunes), over 14 minutes of that being the title track alone. And Xandria truly did everything right they possibly could have with this record. Beautiful vocals that have a vast range, spectacular symphonies that are very well put together, metal that is no less than scrumptious, and dynamics that just don’t know when to quit. I’ve heard the previous works of Xandria and have always been fairly entertained by what I heard, but it’s with “Theater of Dimensions” that this group has reached an all new, unprecedented level of awesomeness that they’ve always demonstrated, but not on this grand of a fucking scale.

There’s only one word in all of the dictionaries that can perfectly describe what Xandria has created here: masterpiece. That’s it. “Theater of Dimensions” is a mind-fuck of an album that I recommend to literally anyone who wants to go on an epic journey that we only ever get ever few years, and I’ll be fucked if I let this go unheard. The only other things I can say is mark your calendars, and prep your butts for the majesty that is “Theater of Dimensions”.

“Theater of Dimensions” releases on January 23rd!

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